How to set your subconscious to achieve automatic success and a life without limits …


Do you believe that you can achieve prosperity in your life? That you can live your dream? Because the truth is that many people don't even believe they can make their dreams come true. Even more; deep down they are convinced that success is intended for someone else, someone better or someone smarter. That's just not true! But such thinking is perhaps the main obstacle on the way to your dream life. If we want to achieve prosperity, if we want to live our dreams, we have to first believe this is even possible. We have to face our limiting beliefs and build them anew.

The truth is that your intelligence doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter at what stage of your life you are right now. Nor does it matter how much you earn. Or what kind of a family you come from.

Nothing in your current situation can determine whether you are going to live your dream life some day or not! The path you have to walk may be longer and more difficult, but there is always an opportunity, regardless of your current situation. And you have to believe in that at all times!

You see, I know many people who claim to know all this. But when do you really know something? – When you live it. That's why I love giving motivational seminars such as the Light a Fire in You seminar, which will take place in September 2009. It is such meetings that generate winners who not only know, but also start living their dream and beliefs.



Think and act like millionaires ...



Have you ever wondered why some people make a lot of money, while others struggle from month to month? Where is the difference? Is it in education, abilities, work habits, acquaintances, luck or in investments they make?

The answer is shocking: None of this matters most!

Because you can be the most motivated, determinate, self-conscious, brave and daring person, but it's not going to help you. You might know everything about sales, marketing, negotiations, investments, real estates and shares, but it will all be in vain. If your subconscious is not set right, you will never be rich.

In our subconscious, every one of us holds some deep-rooted beliefs about money, wealth and finances.

If your subconscious attitude to money is not set right, you will never be rich, and even if you do make it somehow, there’s a big chance you'll eventually lose the money. Because we all hold certain beliefs about money, which hinder us in acquiring wealth.

The seminar BRING OUT THE MILLIONAIRE IN YOU! will teach you:

  • how your upbringing affected your current financial situation and how to get rid of this;
  • 7 habits of the truly wealthy;
  • how to use the 7 spiritual laws to acquire material wealth;
  • how your financial success starts in your head/mind;
  • how to stop sabotaging yourself and shake off your fear;
  • the secrets of motivating yourself and people you have never seen before;
  • how your upbringing affected your current financial situation;
  • how the rich think in contrast to the poor and middle-class people;
  • how to deal with the emotions and beliefs that hinder you from achieving financial prosperity;
  • how to literally become a magnet for money

and much, much more …

The fact is that no one ever taught us about money and acquiring wealth. Neither in university nor in secondary school, let alone in primary school. The teachings on money and money handling have often come from our parents or people who didn't even have the right attitudes to money themselves. This could prove fatal for your financial destiny.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your income, if you are not 100% satisfied with your financial situation, if you are constantly stressed out because of money, and your earnings are too low compared to the work invested, than maybe it's time you learned some new strategies and a new way of thinking.

I guarantee you your financial situation will never again be like it used to be.


Stop dreaming! Start living your life with more passion, happiness and contentment than ever before!


If you are willing to take control of your future and if making your dreams come true and enjoying happiness are your priorities, than all you need is Smiljan's seminar BECOME A WINNER.

  • Learn the qualities you need to have if you wish to maintain constant motivation for achieving your goals in any field;
  • what it is that separates winners from losers;
  • the emotional strategies to increase your efficiency;
  • and much, much more!

Finally, the time has come you started living the life of a winner!

The BECOME A WINNER seminar will help you to not only learn but also start living the life you once only dreamt of.

After the seminar, you will understand the notion of unstoppable courage, find out your primary question, learn emotional stability, management and much, much more – in an environment where you will be aided by physical metaphors.

You will learn:

  • how to get everything you want,
  • how to win people over instantly,
  • 5 guidelines for precise and intelligent questions,
  • what are metaprograms and how they can help you,
  • how to deal with contradictions and how to solve problems,
  • to act and control your emotions
  • 6 basic human needs,
  • 4 steps to a lasting change,
  • the power of words
  • the primary pattern shaping your life,
  • to create an exciting future,
  • your motivational strategies …
  • … and much, much more!

You can attend the BECOME A WINNER seminar taking place in the untouched nature of the Pohorje Hills, and in two days and nights turn into a real winner: you will overcome your fear and limiting beliefs, deal with your emotions and realize what you need to become and remain a winner.


  • Seminar start: 10.00
  • Seminar finish: 22.00 the following day
  • Workshop duration: 2 days, 24 hours
  • Workshop dates: October 2009, Apart Hotel, Pohorje



Stop dreaming! Start living your life with more passion, happiness and contentment than ever before!


The PERFECT LIFE seminar is considered Smiljan's life achievement. The seminar is designed for those of you who have already achieved excellence in your life, but are still looking for challenges to further refine it in the future.

The PERFECT LIFE seminar will significantly change your life – for the better and forever!

PERFECT LIFE is not an ordinary seminar!

At the PERFECT LIFE seminar, you will manage to really seize the most important areas of your life – health and wellbeing, time, relationships, emotions, business and management, wealth – and certainly spend the most wonderful moments of your life!

Smiljan Mori has created PERFECT LIFE – one of his most individual and transforming programs – not only to help you devise a plan for your exciting dream life through the seminar, but primarily to strengthen, rejuvenate, invigorate you, and give a new energy to your thoughts, your body, your emotions, your relationships – to your life.

In the unblemished nature of one of the most beautiful Slovenian jewels, the Terme Olimia wellness centre, you will be completely absorbed into the contents of the PERFECT LIFE seminar, and discover within you the unstoppable drive which will help you develop and acquire the habits you need to live the life you want and deserve.

In three days, you and the other participants will get to feel total emotional devotion, experience physical transformation, realize the exceptionality of understanding relationships and take your life to the topmost levels.

An excellent seminar if you want to learn the tools Smiljan uses when training the most successful individuals, sportsmen, politicians, etc.

  • Seminar start: May 2009 at 10:00
  • Seminar finish: May 2009 at 22:00
  • Workshop duration: 3 days, 40 hours
  • Workshop dates: May 2009, Terme Olimia, Hotel Sotelia, Podčetrtek


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